Welcome to the Law Office of Koranda & Co.!

We provide our services especially in the following field of law:

Criminal Law

  • we represent our clients in criminal proceedings (preparatory proceedings, deciding on bail, court hearings and pleadings, filing of appeals, extraordinary appeals and constitutional actions), whether our client is the suspect, charged or damaged party
  • we have extensive experience with criminal acts related to road transport (driving under the influence of addictive substances, obstruction of justice by driving when prohibition is imposed, causing bodily harm of grievous bodily harm etc.) as well as with defending our clients in case of criminal acts related to weapons (illegal possession of firearms, use of weapons in case of justified defense)
  • we have rich experience with criminal acts related to ICT (unlawful access or use of a computer system or data carrier, breach of copyright)
  • qualified drafting and filing of motions for initiation of criminal prosecution
  • long term cooperation with court experts in many fields


Civil Law


  • law of Obligations (drafting and evaluation of drafts of any contract type, especially purchase agreement, agreement on execution of works, pledge agreement and others)
  • apartments law (leasehold agreement, sub-leasehold agreement, termination of leasehold of apartment, court actions related to use of apartments)
  • transfer of ownership to real estate (drafting of sale agreements, donation agreements etc. including representation in proceedings on registration of title in the real estate register, attorney escrow, certification of signatures)
  • representation in inheritance proceedings
  • representation in proceedings on compensation of damage
  • enforcement of claims, advice in relation to possibilities of securing of claims
  • protection of reputation and personality claims
  • consumer protection– “complaints”, defects of provided goods or services claims,


Labour Law

  • solution of disputes between employees and employers
  • representation in disputes from strict liability for loss agreement, qualification and non-compete clauses, invalidity of termination of employment, immediate termination of employment etc.
  • solution of cases of discrimination, bossing, mobbing
  • solution of issues of damage caused by the employee / employer


Family Law

  • representation in divorce proceedings, including so called divorce by agreement
  • court regulation of contacts of a parent with the child (we cooperate with renowned psychotherapist)
  • court regulation of parental care and maintenance payments in relation to children
  • agreement, or court actions, to distribute the joint equity of the spouses


Administrative / Minor Offences Law

  • representation in administrative proceedings maintained by public authorities and bodies of regional self-administration (including construction proceedings, and tax proceedings).
  • representation in Minor Offences Proceedings, especially in the field of offences in the area of safety and smoothness of road transport traffic
  • representation in administrative judicia review proceedings, including representation in proceedings in front of the Supreme Administrative court of the Czech Republic
  • drafting of the pre-trial submission, or claim in relation to enforcement of damage caused by unlawful decision or incorrect administrative procedure of the state, liability for which is held by the Czech Republic under the act no. 82/1998 Coll.

Koranda & Co. Is a well-established law office founded in 1996, covering especially the area of Western Bohemia (districts of Plzeň, Karlovy Vary, Domažlice, Klatovy, Rokycany, Tachov, Cheb). Our aim is to provide individual and flexible approach to the needs and possibilities of our clients.   In our Law Office, you can expect help from:

JUDr. František Koranda, attorney-at-law, who speaks Czech and Russian


Phone:   +420 602 477 365


Address: Úslavská 612/20, Plzeň 32600, CZ